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Golden Emerald Aura

"Mandala" Cozy Romper

"Mandala" Cozy Romper

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May Collection Theme "Mandala"

A Mandala is a beautiful geometric piece of art. In certain cultures they are viewed as tools to view the spiritual universe, as they represent cycles of occurrence, reoccurrence and existence. The word 'mandala' comes from the sanskrit meaning "circle".

They serve as an elegant artistic representation of Balance, Harmony, Peace, Wholeness and Eternity.

As we step deeper into spring and start to lessen the layers of clothing we have to pile on, I wanted to create something you could wear to lounge around your home, run barefoot in the grass, or maybe even belt up, pair with cute sneakers to step out for a casual evening with friends.

Either way, I hope this cozy romper helps you step into your days feeling a little more balanced, harmonious and at peace.

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"Mandala" Cozy Romper

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Good For: All Skin Types

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Ingredients: Citric Acid, Lavender Oil

Warnings: For external use only. Test small area for sensitivity. Stop using if allergic reaction occurs. Keep away from children.

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