Hello Beautiful Beings, I am Shondra Leigh ... My really good friends call me GOLD.

I'm an authentic, wildly free spirited woman with a gift of igniting inspirations in others. A former professional dancer & Cirque du Soleil artist who has since evolved into a High Performance Coach & Transformational Leader.

My life is a SOULful MoveMEANT.

Guiding women through impactful transformations to gain more confidence, freedom and conscious income is my souls purpose.

My mission is to guide you through eliminating the limiting beliefs holding you hostage, so that you can access and alchemize your desired limitless life, embody your truth, raise your vibration in order to reach your highest potential.

I created Golden Emerald Aura as a foundational place where women could come to expand into the most authentic expression of themselves; mind, body & soul.

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  • Availabilty is very limited for these specialized offerings.

    Are you seeking the tools to regulate your nervous system and nourish your mind, body soul connection? Do you have a desire to live abundantly in peace, joy, ease, and flow? Are you struggling to claim your purpose to freely live a life by design rather than default? Here are some one on one ways I can hold space for you on your journey of unleashing your limitless potential.

    Break through the mental and physical trauma / tension caused from burnout. Develop maintainable rituals for thriving to become limitless & live abundantly in peace, alignment, ease, & flow.
    *3 month minimum container

    ENERGY WORK & SOMATICS (in house or virtual)
    Re-align your Chakras and balance your nervous system with my customized Soulful MoveMEANT method.

    A facial experience truly like no other. Enjoy the benefits of this triple exfoliation hydracial to hydrate and rejuvenate your skin while simultaneously becoming more balanced and grounded through the energetic experience using channeling natures' elements.

    Relax and relieve soreness with our luxurious 50m organic water soluable cbd foot soak, scuba, massage and nail clean up service.

    Other spa specialities include lash and brow and enhancement services.

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She is simple. She is fierce. She is wild. She, is a SOVEREIGN BEING. It's not just a brand ...


Fashion simplified and made fun for everyone without sacrificing comfort. Collections designed for you to express your most high vibrational, authentic self at all times.