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    ∞ Ananta is a safe space free of:

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    A space free of discrimination.

    ∞ Completed paperwork is an agreement to all Anantas' policies.

    ∞ Our online booking is easy to use and required for all reservations.

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    All reservations require deposits.

    ∞ A 24 hour cancelation is required to avoid penalties of non-refundable deposits. A full payment for the reservation (if less than 24 business hours) will be required to move forward with future bookings.

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  • Reservation Preparation

    ∞ We continue to provide a highly sanitized and clean atmosphere as we have done since we started in the industry in 2006.

    ∞ Additional preparation is required for some sessions. Learn how to have the best experience:

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The Amethyst, Leo or Sage Sisters... However you may know us, we both have been submerged in the beauty and wellness industry since 2006. We have grown from being the "Girls that create beautiful lashes at Amethyst " to "Women that help others find support in manifesting their desires along with incorporating conscious beauty and wellness". After our many interesting life experiences, We felt it was truly the depiction of being completely Limitless... Infinite- Ananta. We can help you create a life you desire and optimize self-care in all its' forms without fear, and provide a safe space for your voice and soul to be heard.

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Introducing: Amethyst Beauty

Our very own skincare line formulated and created by your very own Ananta Estheticians, with the minimalist in mind.

Simplified, Clean ingredients with actual results for every skin type.

  • Elevate your soul and become limitless...

    Take your self care to the next level! Our luxurious vintage and holistic lounge provides a safe haven with an Ayurvedic approach to the beauty and wellness industry. We do our diligence to utilize various forms of substainability practices, with both service and retail; bringing consciousness to our environment.

  • Our passion and purpose remains to be of service...

    You can always depend on complete transparency and authenticity. A serene environment, luxurious services and clean, safe, effective products can always be expected and found inside of Ananta Wellness and Beauty Boutique. We have always taken pride in our health and safety protocols. We hope to continue creating a ripple effect of positive impact and optimization for the human collective.

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