More About me, my journey & aura ...

More About me, my journey & aura ...

Shondra Leigh, former professional dancer of 20 years, collected a magnitude of life experience traveling the world, enhancing her natural ability to connect to people on deeper level of consciousness. She became a versatile entrepreneur, creative artist and alchemist of life. She discovered her gifts more clearly as an intuitive energetic healer, holistic beauty | wellness specialist & high performance transformational coach with every experience and client.

Shondra is a Licensed Skin Therapist 16 years and counting, trained in advance Lash Extension Application as well as a certified Level 1 Medicinal Aromatherapist, Reiki Practitioner, High Performance Transformational Coach and Master of SOULful MoveMEANT. All offerings which can currently be booked through Amethyst Beauty Lounge.Discovering her path in life at an early age, Shondra continued to explore her talents first as a performer through the art of dance. Immediately after graduating with honors and a Bachelors of Arts, she initially moved to Los Angeles to pursue her professional dance career. She began additional studies of Aerial Performing Arts, eventually obtaining multiple certifications to teach Anti Gravity Yoga amongst other modalities.

Los Angeles provided many opportunities including where she acquired her license for Esthetics & Lash Extensions, where she ignited her discovery, an equal passion for a holistic beauty and wellness practices.

After a variety of opportunities to work with many companies including, but not limited to Cirque du Soleil, being featured for brands such as Reebok and GAP, performing in music videos and on TV shows such as Dancing with the Stars, American Music Awards, X-Factor and Australia’s Next Top Model. Shondra also completed a 3 year tour, traveling worldwide as one of 8 women in the cast of the Michael Jackson Immortal World Tour, a lifetime experience that truly initiated in her spiritual expansion.

Shondra simply never limited herself as only a performer. After the MJ World Tour ended, Shondra soon moved back to the East Coast to join along side her sister Justine in growing her beautiful holistic spa, Amethyst Beauty Lounge, a safe haven for Lashes, Skin, Beauty & Wellness; where she activated deeper in her purpose.

Helping women understand their worthiness & how to love themselves deeply to embody their truth is her mission, regardless of the service chosen.

She co-creates with her clients to amplify each and every one of their beauty from the inside out; using holistic methods, sustainable clean living products, various modalities, and customized coaching blueprints to leave them feeling relaxed, more balanced & aligned with self love. One of the most crucial fundamental properties for a purposeful life.

She has a sincere passion to mentor, sharing her love and knowledge of all of her skills around the world. She strongly believes in practicing rituals for thriving, that the answer lies inside nature, our souls and that movement is medicine therefore, not only teaching dance to children, but now offering her exclusive creation SoulFUL MoveMEANT as a holistic healing tool for women of all ages.

Mind, body and spiritual connection to her aura is key in the alchemy of her life. Influencing others as she too has been positively influenced, Shondra’s embodiment for the art of manifestation has led her to her purpose to co-create with her clients as the Ultimate Transformational Coach.

She holds a philosophy of “ Create authentically in order to inspire and be inspired in return.”

Shondra continues using her gifts to make a positive impact on women globally, living authentically with purpose & guiding others to do the same.

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